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So yesterday had a 3M Pro Bra (3rd Gen) put on the new SPS and while at the shop (for 5 hours :O ) I went thru their 3 books of Vinyl Wraps (Avery Dennison, 3M and Oracal) to see which Mfg. Dodge is using to make the shaker stripes.
Unfortunately none of them matched perfectly. The closest was the 3M 1080-M12 Matte Black probably within a delta of 3 (Under Fluorescent lighting strips used to apply Clear Bra's). I would consider it a very good match for adding side stripes or war paint stripes but not as a replacement incase one of the shaker stripes we're to peel off.

Wondering if anyone has found the exact stripe mfg. dodge is using?

My hunch is that it is Avery Dennison since they are the only of the 3 listed in their affiliate list of partners (this is a huge list). The shop yesterday only had one book of each Mfg. bu the owner was telling me they have different book grades.

This would be a nice find.
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