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After Many discussions between Justin and I we have decided to offer the LX/LC an offer that is out of this world.

For the Next 5 Customers we will be discounting our new V6 Supercharger kit to $4,999.00 for the Full Kit including Fuel system upgrades and a Base tune file.

Now in order for this to be possible we will need 5 orders at a Minimum to be able to Honor this price.

The kit will include the 8 PSI pulley and No Meth system but the meth can be added and the 10 PSI pulley for an additional $399.00 Which would bring the total kit to $5398.00 with the Meth injection kit and the potential of Over 300 RWHP (with a Proper CMR tune)

I copied this from our original post:

Now available is our Full kit which includes:
V-3 Vortech S -Trim Head unit in your choice of 8 PSI, 10 PSI, Or H.O. with details coming on PSI output.

Modern Muscle Designed and CNC cut Mounting Brackets

Mounting hardware

All required Tubing and hoses with T-Bolt Clamps

Vortech/Bosch bypass valve

New Serpentine Belt

Vortech SRT4 Mapsensor adapter kit with Modern Muscle extention

K&N washable Air Filter

Pro-Charger Coolant Overflow Tank

Diablosport Predator Handheld tuner with Modern Muscle Base tune

Fuel Injectors

Walbro 255 LPH fuel Pump

Again this offer is for the first 5 kits and we will not put a time limit on the orders But we will require a $500.00 Deposit to hold your spot on the list.

1)bjensen83 (charger ******)
2)Skullboy (LXforums)
3)Flex Wheeler
4)kickin_urazz (LXforums)
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