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At what temperature?

I know you asked about th 6.4l engine oil pressure but I don't recall the oil pressure from my time with my 2018 R/T Scat Pack.

My ~2500 miles 2018 Hellcat hot idle oil pressure hovers around 40psi at around 212F oil temperature with it dropping to 39psi if the oil temperature gets any hotter. So far the hottest I've seen the oil is 230F. City driving with lots of stop/go even though I use a light throttle really heats up the oil temperature. And this has been on mild days.

At higher RPMs, around the 2K mark, the oil pressure climbs to around 60+psi and at around 5K I've seen 65psi.

This is with that Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-40 Full Synthetic with around 500 miles on the oil in the engine. So far the most miles any oil in the engine has been run has been 1500 miles, from 500 miles to 2000 miles. But since I had the oil changed at 2K miles I'll probably run it to 5K miles. Maybe. If I can find the time to take a road trip I might decide to have it changed earlier say at 4K miles so I head out with fresh oil in the engine.

To some extent oil pressure is like gas mileage. Everyone is going to report something a bit different. Some with better numbers. Some with worse numbers.

31psi ain't bad. My 2003 996 Turbo hot idle oil pressure hovered from around 1.7 bar (on real hot days) to 2.0 bar (cooler days). A "bar" is 14.5psi, so 2.0 bar is approx. 29psi. And my Turbo engine had 161K miles on it.
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