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Oil pressure on 6.4, what is yours, how many miles

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I just bought my 2015 SRT 392 few days ago, looking at the oil pressure gauge, fully warmed up at idle I have 31 psi, down the road doing 75 mph I have 55 psi. Fresh oil change by previous owner.

My car has 50k miles

Like to compare to what others have in their 6.4 hemi.
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At what temp? well I took a little road trip and I just noted the oil pressure, the engine was well warmed up the water temp was above 200 degrees and noticed the tranny temp was around 185 i didn't pay attention to the oil temp i guess, it was 85 degrees out. Just wanted to see what others had, since mine has a few miles on it and just wanted to compare is all.

My tahoe that has 76,000 miles on it has 80 psi when it first starts in the mornings and calms down to 60 psi hot at idle by the time I get to work I run 5 20 in it. I don't get on my tahoe til the engine is warmed hate to pop an oil filter gasket which I have done on other sbc engine with really high oil pressures.

Maybe next time I start up my srt I will see what the oil pressure is cold. I like to keep notes on things like this so I can compare the pressure over time. I didn't have pen with me to write anything down so I just took a quick mental note of what I saw and thought I would ask, next few days I will write things down and log the temps and stuff and add it to my paper work I have with the car.

I once had a bbc 396 that i raced for many years and it lost 5 psi of oil pressure each year til the engine finally let go, I just knew the clearances was getting looser and the engine was wearing down.
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