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The response from the first casting call for Challengers was overwhelming. Thank you and good luck to all of those who contacted them.

The response was so great, that they asked if we could round up more cars for other commercial segments, like those who race their modern Mopars or participate in autocross events. They are also looking for vintage Mopars and Ram trucks.

Here are the flier for the various open casting calls they have going on at the moment. These are all to promote Pennzoil motor oil.

Competition/racing Mopars open casting call

Vintage Mopar open casting call

Ram trucks open casting call

Same as before, they want to set up interviews with people on Wednesday evening (8/3) and on Saturday (8/6) in downtown Los Angeles.

Remember, these are all paying gigs.

You should email them a little information about yourself together with a picture of yourself and your car, and don't forget your contact information; or you can call them and just get more information.

Good luck!
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