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Our new buddy at the shop is now available to everyone - this one is for the gadget guy that loves his garage!

Introducing: RoboReel Power Extension Cord

Quick Overview
The RoboReel Portable Power Cord System holds 50ft. of 12 gauge electrical extension cord. This motor-driven reel automatically winds in at the touch of a button and can operate freestanding, on a bench or table, or on a wall with an optional wall mount. The extension cord and bench mount are included in purchase. No assembly is required.


Winds in fast and slows down to docking speed, preventing whipping action that can cause injury and damage.
Power will shut off in less than a second if the extension cord is accidentally severed to help prevent electrical injuries.
Redundant thermostats help prevent overheating and possible fire hazards.
Will not accidentally wind in while a power tool is in use.
Stops winding if cord is stepped on or obstructed.
Circuit breaker included.


Comes fully protected by a 4 year or 4,000 wind warranty, whichever comes first.
Made with high impact designer plastics.
The unit is oil, gas, chemical and UV resistant.
Includes an oversized motor that is designed to run for tens of thousands of winds.
Comes installed with a heavy-duty 12 gauge cord that is “corkscrew” resistant.


Winds in automatically with the touch of a button on the end of the cord or on top of unit.
RoboReel Portable can operate freestanding, on a bench, or mounted on a wall with an optional mounting bracket.
The cord includes a three-outlet receptacle ball with LED indicator lights, a power on/off button, and a retract button.
The unit can rotate 360 degrees continuously allowing you to reach any tool within a 100 foot diameter.
Rewind button on top of unit and at end of extension cord.
If a cord is accidentally damaged, it can easily be replaced by user.

Click here to pre order the RoboReel Power Extension Cord

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These things are WICKED!!! WANT!!!
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