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P/B With Sunoco E15 91 Octane GAS At Irwindale CA

I no im not a challenger but this is to show you my octane test with the new SUNOCO E15 98 Octane gas i mixed with 87 oct to make our CA 91 gas equal everyone elses 91 oct as were mandated to 1.8% oxy in CA and everone else has 3.3/3.5% OXY.
This was my 1st chance to test the new sunoco E15 gas they develloped for this yrs NASCAR circuit. Now the DA last night was good & bad. The clouds were black and looked like rain and the humidity went from 60 to 66% and in CA this is bad as the colder it got the slower everyone ran as the dew was getting heavy and as you no you cant burn moisture in the air. The new E15 gas worked great as i decided to go with a 91 octane mix of 6.25 gal 87 & 3.75 gal Sunoco E15 with 3.23% oxy to compare it with 93 octane as it was mixed with 87 & VP109. I mixed the 91 to get as close to all other 91 as we in CA are limited to 1.8% oxy and almost all other 91 has 3.3 to 3.5%. My wife called me every hr to give me the reports on Irwindale weather and the humidity was going up fast. Heres the runs and with icing the intake i made a run about every 1.5 hrs.
RUN 1 HUM 60% / Heres my 93 octane P/B ON 2/3/11 made with vp109 & 87 octane.
DA.......+99 ft.........+12 ft HUM 49%

RUN 2 HUM 64%
DA.......-28 ft

RUN 3 HUM 66%
DA.......-77 FT

I think overall the new sunoco E15 is as good as the VP109 in mixes and its 3.53 a gal cheaper. On my next outting i will mix a 93 octane batch to compare it with the 91 octane. It looks like with my tune i run faster with more oxygen than octane and as b4 i never touched the tune. Heres the 2 mixes.

93 Octane
7 gal 87 + 3 gal VP109 (105 OCT) = 93 OCT + 3.15% OXY
91 Octane
6.25 gal 87 + 3.75 gal Sunoco E15 (98 OCT) = 91 OCT + 3.23% OXY
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