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I have a code. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this code other than what I have mentioned and already ruled out below?

P0204 - Powertrain - injector circuit - cylinder 4

Been trying to diagnose this on and off for a little while now. The car hasn't ran bad up until the last week or so, when randomly I can feel it act funky. But, I also had a intake runner code about that time, that I since have fixed. Otherwise I can't feel anything.

Here are the things I know...

1. The injector(s) is good... I have tested them, I swapped them, and the code stays with cylinder 4.
2. The wiring is good. I have tested the wiring with continuity, and noid light, done wiggle testing, and checked from the ecu to plug. It's good.
3. I had random misfire on same cylinder, so I checked the speark plugs, they are good
4. The coils are good. Swapped them and code(s) stay on cylinder 4.

NOW, the ECU I'm not 100% sure on... Testing with noid light, it fires, and looks to be the same as all other cylinders. But I am not sure how to test if the signal may be weak... I also did sound test on the injectors, and they all sound the same

I have not checked the wiring to the coil, but would that even cause a P0204 code?

Was thinking either the ECU is sending a weak signal, but isn't there a code for that?

The other possibilities has me worried. Any good input would be welcome.

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