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Hey guys got a bit of an issue I can't figure out.

Back in June this year approx 7000-10,000 kms ago I took my 2010 SE 3.5L into the dealership to get the timing belt done.
Currently has 146,000km so it needed to be done. While in there I had them change out the water pump of course although a part of me thinks they didn't just because of the lies they fed me. Anyway after about 3 days of working on my car (also did tranny flush, coolant flush, rear dif fluid change, front outer tie rod ends and rear wheel bearing) I got my car back and instantly knew something was wrong. The exhaust note was different and the engine stuttered all the time and thought it was going to die. Thinking nothing was wrong at the time I took it home for the night. Instantly knew the alignment was way off as well as engine light came on flashing. Called the dealer the next day and they were glad to have me come back. Kept it another night and said they had the belt off a notch but was all good now so I picked up again. Sounded better but not like she used to but at least the engine was smooth. Went on driving a few more days and engine light kept lighting up and flashing then going off and on idle in park or drive the car would almost die then rev up slightly then almost die and so on. They took it back and said nothing was wrong and its perfect. Claimed 3 different people took test drives with it and was it was running better than any v6 they've had.

ANYWAY now 3 months later the engine light still comes on with P0300 and I myself have changed... rocker arm assemblies, spark plugs, top end gaskets, engine oil, my diablosport tune, cleaned EVERYTHING and done MAP sensor and cam position sensor. Basically all I could do without tearing open the timing cover and inspecting it as well as ignition coils. The car runs very smooth but if I idle in park or drive at a stop light the light comes on flashes a few times then goes solid then goes away when I start driving. Also under heavy acceleration it comes on the same way. It's getting very annoying and obviously I'm not going anywhere near a dealership again because **** them.

Any ideas what could be the cause? I'm taking it to my dads mechanic hopefully this week to inspect the timing belt but other than that and ignition coils I dunno.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 0:)
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