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2019 Dodge Challenger RT
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I’m looking for some assurance that my plan of attack for dealing with this OBD code is valid.

Some background: I have a 2019 Challenger R/T. On May 15th I had Kooks long tube headers and “greenie” high flow cats installed by a local shop that specializes in exhaust work. I did a lot of reading about this modification and saw posts saying that doing this change would almost certainly cause a CEL code to occur. I got no codes after the install, drove on a trip this past weekend for 600 miles with no codes, then today “ding!” the CEL pops up. Scanned it and it reads P219A, which as some know, is an air/fuel imbalance on bank 1. I’m guessing this is 100% caused by my lovely sounding new header set up.

Note that this is the only significant mod I’ve done to the car. I stuck a Hellcat airbox on there too, but I really doubt that has much impact on things.

So, what’s the best course of action for dealing with this? I’m thinking a custom tune?

This being a 2019 I know I’m going to have to swap out the PCM in order to get this done. DiabloSport doesn’t seem to have their act together yet as it pertains to the 5.7L Challengers. They have a 6.4L selection, but nothing for the 5.7L. I can’t find anything regarding a release date.

That means HP Tuners? They -do- include the 2019’s in their selection list for modified PCM’s. So, I guess I’m going with them? Does the progression go like this:

1) Buy an MPVI2. (Do I need professional?) Download the Scan software.
2) Scan my car. Save off a default file in multiple places.
3) Buy a new Dodge modified PCM, uploading my newly created file. (I want the option to swap back to the original PCM in case major warranty work is needed. I kept my headers/mids as well for the same reason.)
4) Install new PCM when it arrives. Download the Edit software. Buy 2 credits.
5) Here’s where things get murky. Having zero experience with tuning, I’m assuming I need to get someone who knows what they’re doing to take my initial scan, create a modified one that disables the O2 sensors(?) and/or makes additional adjustments, sends it to me, then I apply the changes using the Editor, right? Does anyone know if Jay Greene works with HPtuners?

What am I leaving out?

One more thing: I was going to go to the strip tomorrow for Test and Tune. Should I nix that and lay off the heavy throttle until I get this resolved?

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Personally I'd go with hp tuners regardless. You need a laptop to run the software, but you have full tuning control as far as I know.

With Diablo sport the hand held tuners can only do so much, their pro software is a few thousand. So your pretty much stuck paying some one to make a tune for you, if the basic ones it comes with aren't enough.

If you have even the slightest interest in learning to tune I'd go HP, you can still send your logs to some one and have them make a tune for you, or to check it over.

I went with Diablo sport for my 05 5.7 car and kinda regret it, when I get around to installing my LT's I'm forced to pay some one to modify my tune for me.

I'd email HPtuners and ask them about compatability with your car, I'm sure they can probably work something out.

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