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P5155177 MTCM on a 5.7 R/T

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i'm proud to pass this on to everyone. i had a conversation with Josh of HHP Racing in regards to the Mopar TCM on my R/T, because i wasn't thrilled with shifting into 4th at the 1000ft mark and getting a slight bog in doing so. Josh and i figured the MTCM would allow me to shift gears at 6400rpm and most likely i'd be holding 3rd through the traps.

today at Englishtown, Josh brought a MTCM for me to test. he had it bolted up and the predator adjusted in 15 minutes and i threw caution to the wind, lined up and romped on it. doc brown would be proud, because our calculations were correct and we saw some serious sh!t! firm, solid shifts at 6400 and i was in third through the finishline. also, once i found the sweetspot in my tire pressure, i cracked into the 12s finally! the first goal we set out to achieve, we did.

the next test was the drive home. it's about 2 hours from Etown to my front door. in stop & go traffic, you can't really tell anything's been changed. part throttle sprints are snappy and extremely responsive. now...WOT...that's quite interesting. it's beyond butt-dyno impressive. this thing really brings the car alive!

now here's the kicker...for the supercharged, turbo, stroker, whathave you guys....there's still a few bugs Josh has to work out due to tuning and everything. i'm pretty much a bolt on car; headers, CAI, TB, etc...but...i'm proof positive that the MTCM P5155177 DOES indeed work on a Challenger R/T automatic and it netted me about 2 tenths in the 1/4!

so what the hell are you waiting for??? BUY IT!!! :)
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Iv been using that for over a year. Still no problems yet. I am also using a stall that leaves at 4100...the gear hold was a must for me.
Congrats on cracking into the 12s that’s GREAT! Now if you lose all that stuff in the trunk you will be in the 11s LOL...........Ha you looked good in my Plum Crazy T shirt.
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