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Hello everyone,

i want some help to decide where to put the emblems i have gotten recently. I have the Challenger script emblem along with an R/T emblem. i was going to originally put them both on right side of spoiler but played around with places to put them. I scanned the script emblem and cut it out and taped it to different parts of the car to see what I liked. Also, i plan to put D O D G E on the nose of hood in black letters. I am going to do 1 inch letters but printed them out in 1.25" as well. i also did .75" but did not put them on car cause i really liked the inch ones at least. It might not be for everyone but i really like it and wanted some opinions. Ive only seen people do it in chrome so i think black would go awesome with my car cause i have nothing bright chrome besides the fuel door (which i plan to replace later sometime to a black one. ) im posting quite a few pics and would like some feed back. i did not take the time to perfectly measure stuff out, i kind of just eyeballed it... thanks for looking...


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