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Unmarried tuner , came off my 2013 Challenger 3.6 it still has Overkill 87,91,93 tunes on it for 3.6 engines, I'm not sure if these can be used on another 3.6, I assume they can be so I left them on, so you might be able to use the Overkill tunes on this tuner for your 3.6

Double check to make sure if this is a selling point for you. It's a $100 value if you can use the Overkill standard tunes that he sells.

I'm selling because I bought a supercharger for my 3.6 and I will be using a Trinity tuner so I no longer need this I-1000 DCX

The last tune I used was an Overkill93mod-3A tune(still on the tuner) which got me into the 13's I ran this tune on 91 octane straight gas and was the best tune for my car which was dyno tune adding 5 degrees of timing to the tune from 1-3.8k and adding 2.5 more fuel 1-3.8k which gained another 20ft lbs of torque on the dyno in this rpm range rest of the tune was good which held 12.5 to 1 air fuel ratio.

I unmarried the DCX and took my car for a drive, I can tell you for a fact the car is sluggish and has a delay in shifting without the tune now. So the tuner does work to wake 3.6 Challenger up.

I take paypal and selling my I-1000 DCX for $210 shipped to lower 48 states, thought I would try and sell here first before sending it to Ebay.


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