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Partial success to add a new key for 2014 challenger via alfaobd

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Days ago, the Evic popped up a message, "RKE battery low" and I searched that it is a low battery of Fobik. Easy, I bought one and replaced it, but found there is a tiny chip dropped from the PCB! (likely an SMT capacitor or resistor, so tiny, my skill is not good to solder this 1mm thing back!) Luckily after I replaced the battery, everything is fine without that component. So I think I'd better have a spare key.

Bought a new fobik from amazon. My car is equipped with keyless enter n go.
1. Connect with obd, and press the button to run without starting the engine, open alfaobd, connect to RFH, scroll down for pin code, write down.
2. Pry off the keyless enter n go button, and you will find a keyhole, insert the new key, (you will see a red dot on the dashboard flashing, cuz the key is not registered) and switch it to the run position. (beeping)
3. Find add or replace fobik from RFH menu in alfaobd, enter the code written down and click start. If it is successful, the red dot on the dashboard vanished and the beeping stopped.
4. Connect to central lock module in alfaobd, click replace PEM and enter the code written down. Oops, failed, it said it is not supported.

Since step 3 is successful, I have a new fobik, that is good with all the buttons and run the car when inserted in the keyhole. All the passive entry functions and enter n go are gone with the new key. Definitely not a real problem.

PS: I search the web, and it said with enter n go, it is "highline" in alfaobd not "baseline", but for MY2014 there is no such choice in RFH. Anyway, if anyone have done this, please share me how-to.
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Thank you! I did some search and find there might be quite a few reasons:
1. The fobik bought in amazon if not passive entry capable.
2. The software alfaobd is not suitable for my2014, and I found besides diagfca you recommended, there are even sellings of micropod with witech (perhaps cracked and cloned?), the dealer tool. Maybe different software has its own advantages, diagfca is reputable for fobik programming. However, I am not going to invest more $$ on fobik, won't be trying these soon.
3. Perhaps my PEM does have some glitches. Whatever I have a new key now. So be it.

FWIW I find alfaobd does not always work correctly with android devices which is why I prefer the PC version to change programming/configurations. BTW there is also Appcar which apparently program fobs. I have both alfaobd and appcar but with appcar I need to be plugged into the vehicle to see what is offered. Here is an example from their site for programming a JGC which seems similar to alfa but the list some possible reasons why programming does not work towards the very bottom.

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