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This was one of the best times I have ever had in a car event. My brother-in law entered this event last year and signed up again this year (this past weekend) and invited me as his passenger. Event starts in Phoenix and ends up in Flagstaff. About 240 miles (mostly 2 lane secondary, twisty roads) but had about a 50 mile run on the interstate as well. Lambo's, Ferrari's, Porsche's, Mustangs, WS6's, ect, and even one of our own Fuschia SRT8 Challengers (probably about 80 cars in the event). I went along for the ride in my brother-in-laws Porsche 911.

What a blast. We were doing about 105 following a Ferarri and an M5 on the interstate and all of a sudden the Lamborgini went by us and he had to be doing 160mph. That V12 sounds phenominal!!!!!

I would have thought that the police would be watching the entiire route but never saw one the entire day. There was a scavenger hunt, trivia, stops along the way in different towns. Was a ton of fun. Too bad I live so far away, would love to enter my car next year.

Here are a few pics (now pics added below)


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