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Passenger Door Latch - Window Issue - Plug Question

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Hello all,

2010 R/T Classic.

My window was doing the up/down by itself thing and draining my battery. I've researched that the most likely culprit is the passenger door latch and I ordered the part. Here is my question: what does the bottom electrical plug on the latch itself do? If I unplug that... the window doesn't act possessed and my battery doesn't drain... but all of the window functions still work properly including the window drop when you open the door and raise when you close it, the locks and window controls from both sides of the car. All switches still work. When I unplug the top connection... no window functions work however the window still does it's acting up thing. I'm confused. What does that plug/switch actually do? Photos attached. The connection and switch in question is the bottom white one.

Thank you,
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Depends. Cannot really tell what that is hooked up to. I am guessing one of those is the CAN bus. With that unplugged, nothing should work, like you are seeing. Here are a couple of prints from the Chilton Manual.

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Well that's the thing. Everything still works. My fingers are holding the wires that run to that plug, but it's all wrapped. I don't know what those specific wires connect to without digging in.
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A Guy
In all honesty, I am still confused. I can tell each of your plugs have a wire with orange on them, but nothing on the print shows two, two pin connectors. Best guess is those are the two wires that talk to the door control module.
I believe it's just the 2 pin connector I posted. I don't see 4 pins in his picture

A Guy
It's the 2 pin connector, however the connection isn't the problem. THAT is the confusing part... when it isn't connected I have no problems and EVERYTHING works. But when it's plugged in, my window does the phantom window drop and back up on its own. When I unplug the connection in the attached picture, all of my problems disappear and everything works properly. What is this part? lol. I ordered a new latch but they sent me the wrong side. Can I just replace this specific part? And what is it? lol


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I ended up replacing the latch and everything works properly now when plugged in. I am still confused as to what that part actually does, because everything functioned with it unplugged. Oh well. Thank you guys.
That picture looks like it is a microswitch that goes to the actual latch that hold the door locked. So my best guess it that is what caused the door open message.
Ohhh that would make sense. Thank you!
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