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Anyone running a Pedal Commander? We've been testing them on a few of our shop vehicles and have been quite impressed. While it's not the same as tuning a vehicle, it really does change the responsiveness of the pedal. It's also more cost effective than dropping over a grand to unlock a PCM, purchase a tuner / credits and have a custom tune installed. It can also be easily uninstalled without any trace for warranty work.

One of my personal favorites is my 2018 300s 3.6L Pentastar that I use to take my dogs to the lake/river and for long road trips (30+mpg).


From my experience:

  • Eco mode - I'm honestly not a fan, feels like pretty sluggish and you can get away with city mode if you really want to be ECO friendly and still be able to MOVE.
  • City mode is great for traffic, really helps you get moving without too much sensitivity of the pedal.
  • Sport mode is great for highway merging and overall passing
  • Sport+ is definitely a wtf moment experience, even on the 3.6L engine. Great for track use as they recommend.
With that being said, if you are interested in one, please feel free to ask me any questions. Pedal Commander is legit available for almost any late model application. I can make sure you order the right one.

Coupon Code: Pedal10OFF


P.S. I highly recommend the RIPP High Performance Coil Packs for the Pentastar.

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I have PC on my 2015 RT plus / STP bought in back in December
Love it !!!
I keep set on sport plus 2

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My pedal commanders for both my Challenger SRT and my 2018 Nissan Titan work extremely well and both came from the above vendor. I have always been very pleased with them and all my purchases there. Just Bolt Ons has great customer service whenever I needed help with anything from an application to a products functionality. I鈥檝e been on here for over 7 years so most know me here.
until I installed one I thought it was a gimmick but actually very pleased and it money well spent looking back.
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