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I wanted to give those who are searching through exhaust threads looking for that perfect exhaust for their Challenger my experience with Solo Performance Exhaust.

First of all I have owned this car a 2010 R/T 6 speed for right at a year now and from day one off of the lot, I searched for new exhaust for my car. I listened to cars at car shows, I listened to sound clips on the internet, I read people's threads just like this one I am writing about how much they love this exhaust or that exhaust. I was just never completely sold on any particular exhaust for my car.

Being a budget concious person, I wanted something that was one...going to sound good, two...let the 5.7 breathe better and three...not cost me an arm and a leg. I also wanted to install the system myself just because I feel it is important to know the in's and out's of ones vehicle. (just my opinion).

So Solo Performance comes along and talks about this group buy and post's some videos of Challenger's with their exhaust on. I was giddy from the first time I heard it on my crummy little computer speakers. I asked Steve a few question's through the group buy thread and he answered back quickly. I read other people's comments about Solo's exhaust and their thoughts and I finally thought to myself this might be the one for me. I placed my order through Steve who was glad to help and answerd my questions professionally and courteously.

I received a call from Jeff a couple of days later and the message went something like this....Jon I am happy that you decided to go with Solo Performance for your exhaust needs but there is a small problem. We just ran out of stock of the Mach X-R/TNT that you ordered and will have another shipment of product in to complete the kit's next week. I am sorry for the invovenience but I would like to offer you the Mach X-R with tips at no additional charge if you can't wait. Here is my number give me a call if you would like to change your order!!!

When I listened to the message, I really was blown away. Here is a company that cares enough about it's customer's to say hey were sorry we can't get it to you in three days instead it's going to be a week would you like to upgrade at no charge to get it sooner. I'm sorry but there aren't many companies out there like this anymore adding to another big reason why I purchased a Solo Performance exhaust.

I decided to wait on the TNT kit (no tips) only because I really like the rectangular tips it is a personal preference. Although the quad tips Solo has look very nice as you can see for yourself in other owner's pictures and on their website.

So I received my exhaust in a large brown box just as promised several days after new stock was made by the Solo team. I have to say the exhaust was packed very well. No rattling could be heard coming from inside the box and when opened it was packed to the brim with packaging to protect the metal. The hangers were wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent them from getting bent and damaging other parts of the exhaust. The muffler was well wrapped in bubble wrap as well and was free of any scratches or dents when I unwrapped it (NICE AND SHINY)!! All parts were in the box and the exhaust just appeared to be well made. The welds were nicely done and the piping was cut evenly off at the ends and looked to be deburred. Just sitting on the table outside it looked awesome. The weight was approximately 50 lbs just a guess, as I did not weigh it or have any way to put it on a scale. I believe the shipping paper said 54 lbs and the weight of the box with the wrapping seemed to be about 10 lbs in itself. A representative from Solo could probably tell you the exact weight.

On to the install. I did this myself in my driveway. The project took me exactly two hours with no help. The first fourty five minutes consisted of me getting all four corners of the car off of the ground. This is definetely a PITA but if your a shade tree mechanic like myself it was worth it and a huge stress reliever for me. It took me approximately 30 minutes to get the old exhaust off. I would highly recommend following the instructions that are emailed to you by Solo. (On a side note and someone else already mentioned this.) There are four hangers on the rear of the car. Two on the left and two on the right. Use a 13 mm socket and remove these four hangers with the stock exhaust and then take off the rubber hangers while the system is on the ground. It makes life and time alot easier and you don't have to lay on your back forever prying the hangers out of the rubber mounts. (This is just the way I did it and only a recommendation.) Be careful the stock system is really heavy and it would help to have someone there to help remove it but obviously it is not necessary. Just be careful it doesn't fall on you!!

Now on to the install of the Solo exhaust. This took about 45 minutes and only because I am maticulous about things lining up and looking just perfect. All the parts went together really well and quality of fit was top notch. I did chose to re-use the stock tips, so I could move them in any direction I wanted to get perfect allingment out of both tips. I tightened everything down slowly making sure it was all where I wanted it to be and it was all said and done. Dropped the car off the jacks, dusted myself off, washed the dirt and grime off of me and started the car up.

With the push of the button and when the car came alive I was seriously like HOLY S#@! and I had a grin from ear to ear. 14 hours later while writing this I still have a smile just thinking about that sound. At idle it sounds very good louder than stock but not stupid loud. So I jump back in the driver's seat and set off for a test run. I hit the gas and the HOLY S#@! factor comes back in to play. The sound is just amazing it feels more powerful and it is like a beast was literally woken up. At driving speeds there is no drone at any mph. I could not hear the exhaust over the motor with the radio off and the window's up in the car. Now when you hit the gas and downshift you know it's there. It isn't obnoxiously loud but you know it is there and that is ultimately what I wanted. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

Guy's and Gals I really don't have words to explain how this exhaust sounds. I could give you a bunch of reason's to buy this exhaust but ultimately it is your car and your choice. I am sure many other's will do write up's of their experience with Solo Performance and thought's of the exhaust and this is just mine that I wanted to share with you. I can say that I would have paid way more for this exhaust knowing what I know now. It really is that good. See what going Solo can do for you and the bigger smile you will get on your face every time you turn the key or push the button!!! I know mine hasn't gone away!!! :)

Thanks to the Solo team for putting out such a great product and making my ride sound simply awesome :bigthumb: Oh Steve and Jeff, I am still wanting to get my hands on those High Flow Cats!!! I can't wait!

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Your review and feedback is very important to us. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this:) We are so happy for you...the feeling of falling in love with your car all over again is always something to remember. Let us know if you need anything and welcome to the SOLO family.

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