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Hi Adam,

I've read loads of posts where people are very happy with your work. Thanks for all you do for the Mopar crowd!

I live on the other coast. I have a stock 09 Challenger SRT, automatic. I've played with the Predator tunes and installed the 180 thermostat. The only complaints I have about the car is I can't disable the automatic up-shift, and performance from a dead stop.

In the summer (80 degrees or higher) I cannot break the tires free unless I power brake it. When I floor it from a dead stop, the car just slowly starts to move. From a dead stop (or slow 1st gear roll) I want all hell to break loose.

My car is a daily driver. When the outside temperature is 100 degrees, and when it is 10 degrees. Drivability and long term reliability are more important than just "more power."

So, my question is:
1. Can you/do you do email tunes?
2. Can you improve that "from a dead stop" performance?
3. If so, by a little? Or by a tremendous amount?

4. Do you have any experience with the Mopar replacement TCM? I'm told that it will disable the auto up-shift for me.

5. Have you done this: (or would) replacing my 3:06 rear with a 3:73 get me where I want to be? If so, any downside to doing that?

Thanks for your time.
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