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We at DC Performance would like to let you know what we have to offer for Challenger community.

We are a full service performance shop in Los Angeles, California. Our specility is performance upgrades and preparation of Dodge vehicles for street, track and racing. Our customer base has primarily been for the Dodge Viper, but we are very adept at modifying the entire Chrysler line.

For you Challenger folks, we are a good source for performance parts and custom tuning. We have wholesale accounts for many proven products, AEM, Corsa, Stoptech, Mopar Performance and many others. Just call us.

Performance tuning, this is where we can really help. We have a very competent tuning department with load and inertia dynamometers. We have the software to tune your cars, including the 2010 models. We also work closely with dealers to help with warranty repairs on SRT line vehicles. Most likely, if you are a customer we can support your SRT warranty repairs.

Went want your business, Please feel free to visit us at or call us at 310-841-6996.
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