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Another mod thread for 2012 stick challengers who for whatever reason got the tr6060 not the normal one.

I found this Petty Enterprises drive shaft loop by accident, a phone call to such and such, which got passed down a phone tree to Petty; and back to me.

So now I have a really nice piece that looks like its stronger & more cool than factory. The unit is nice and clean, came to me really fast and was packed well.

Now the directions leave me wondering if they had a different challenger since it cannot be installed according to directions. The directions are great as far as they go, but you are not putting this piece in that way on a near stock car.

Here's my way. You need a lift and a second strong person. That factory exhaust has to come out ...... again!!!!!!! Along with the drive shaft. Please someone out there make an exhaust of Aluminum PLEASE!

So try to separate the exhaust from the cats, as you would for a cat-back exhaust. Drop the two piece sections out of the car along with the drive shaft. Now use a pole to support the trans while you drop the cast Aluminum cross member out and replace it with the Petty unit fully assembled and locktite together. If it comes loose you have to repeat this procedure to get a wrench on it, so I advise you use Locktite Red on the four little bolts.

Now re-install the drive shaft and be sure to tighten the eight bolts. Now put that time slip eating, over weight, monster of an exhaust back in so you do not anger anyone. (yes; mine seems to wake the dead). Now take pictures of it and print out for the track officials, they will want to see it.

Those who have seen my clutch thread, I wish I had know about this product then, would have been a real savings of time and effort.

Kudo's to Petty Enterprises for making this product!:clap:


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