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When I bought my Challenger, it already had the Phantom Grille (upper and lower) installed. I don't really care for it. It reminds me too much of the classic Camaros. No offense to Camaros, but I own a Challenger, not a Camaro.
Anyway, I would like to figure out a way to remove them without taking the entire front bumper off.
I know that the Phantom Grille is just held on by just four toggle bolts. The trick is trying to figure out a way to reach behind the car's grill and hold those toggle bolts still while undoing the screws then getting the toggle bolt out.
I suppose I could just unscrew the screws and let the toggle drop. But, will the toggle eventually find it's way out or will it rattle around behind the grille and under-body panel forever.Unfortunately, I don't have a lift or ramps (right now) so I have not looked at the under-body to see what that looks like at all.

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