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Please help me with my launch!!!

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I am driving a 2016 Scat Pack with CAI, catback exhaust, and 85mm ported throttle body. Haven't gotten the money up yet to get an unlocked pcm and tune. I have tried several runs at the drag strip and can not get a good 60 foot time. Running 305/45/18 Nitto NT05R's on the back. Tried everything from 17psi up to 23psi. Best seemed to be around 18 to 19psi. Have tried mild burn outs, really good long burn outs, everything in between and either I get into it easy or I spin off the line and either way I can't get this car to get below a 2.1 60 foot time. It is so disappointing. Got a 2.16 with street tires. An average of my last 9 runs came to:

2.14 60ft
5.662 330ft
8.53 8th ET
86.22 8th mph
12.97 1/4 ET
111.46 1/4 mph

If I try more than barely rolling onto the gas I spin pretty good coming off the line. I have been turning traction control completely off (holding down button for several seconds). Car pulls like a freight train once I get her rolling. Keeping time with cars running mid to low 12's or even pulling on them. I have been running the rpm up to about 2,000 on my launch. Is that just too much for these tires on these cars?

I'm new to driving on the track, but have watched drag racing my whole life and have wanted to get into it for ever. I turn 45 next week and will be going back to the track the day after. Please help! If I could get this down on my birthday week, it would mean the world to me!
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I ran my Nitto's at 20lbs. OK traction but needed long burnouts to get sticky. I switched to the MT's and they rarely lose traction. If you go too low on PSI, the tires will cup and you will lose traction. I load to 2000-2500 rpm depending on what the track will hold and average 1.7's with a stock 392 A8 TA.
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