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It sucks to see stories like this. I hate to hear of any car having a problem, especially when it is one my customers. While many people will not have an issue when modifying, things can and do go wrong when trying to make far more power than it was originnaly intended to make stock. This is the 1st RT we have touched that has had a major issue.

There are many reasons cylinders can have issues.
· Boost a pump or fuel pumps can fail = no added fuel flow when needed
· Hobbs switch can fail or fuel system wiring can fail = no BAP = no added fuel
· Fuel lines and rails are too small to support fuel flow needed
· Injector fails
· Tune can be off
· Voltage drops: Cars computer will not work properly, which changes everything. –If you ever have low voltage, do not drive it hard.
· Bad gas – has lower octane and will toast pistons
· High intake air temps – hot air from the blower is bad for stock hemi pistons as their ringlands are very weak. High temps can be caused by low coolant in the intercooler, or an intercooler pump failing.
· Too much boost

Those are just a few things that can cause cylinder issues. I have called Greg to figure out a time to get the car here to diagnose the root cause of his issues.

If you are currently in the market for forced induction, its good to know that things "can happen" but that it is rare and I would not be scared to have a forced induction hemi as my daily driver. The vast majority of supercharged hemis out today are driving fine without issue.

Thanks guys,

Tim C

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I agree 100%, tuning is very important to keep the hemi running properly. We have tuned thousands of hemis, heck in the summer months, we create over 200 hemi tunes PER MONTH. We have had over 4,000 cars on our dyno, with many of them being Hemis.

When trying to "Guess" whats wrong with a car, its important to have more information. One should not simply say, yep, has to be a tune. Parts can fail as well. This particular car has had numerous fueling issues, leaving the car stranded more than once. The owner has run his own wiring to power the fuel system after it had issues. He even called about 2 weeks ago to say the fuse blew on his homemade wiring and that he was going to run a different type of fuse and wiring that wouldn't pop so easy. It could have damaged BAP, pumps or other parts.

We get tons of calls daily from people around the world wanting an over the phone diagnosis as to why their car is acting funny, I tell them without it here, its far to hard to know for sure.

So to blindly point to any one piece is foolish. I suggest and have suggested to bring the vehicle in so we can try to determine the causes and solve the issues.

This is a sweet car and Greg is a nice guy. Hopefully we can get it solved and have it up and running quickly to enjoy in these summer months.

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