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Want to have some fun? Powercruise is coming to BIR on July 22-24th. What a blast. Tons of events. Check it out online
Our local church helps at the Brainerd Raceway and I got an early peak awhile back on this event before it was scheduled. I guess that it was originated in Australia. I have never been to one but I have been told that they are a blast. You can cruise the track, drift, skid, burnout contests, and bikini shows, all sorts of things that you cannot do on the street. Not sure about camping yet, but I believe that it will be part of the program.
Want to find me there, I'll be the one at the gate praying that they will not let you crazy guys in. Especially you Gohner. lol
To the mods, this is not an ad. I just thought that it would be good to let everyone know.
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