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I took my '15 SRT in for an oil change and to try to fix a malfunctioning air conditioning (see my thread in the Challenger problems section) at Lia Dodge in Northampton MA. The service guy gave me the diagnosis on the A/C and told me they could get the part the next day (short circuit in the humidity sensor). I gave them the warranty paperwork and told them to get going because I was about to leave for Houston that weekend, then got ready to leave. When I started up the car, I checked the oil life, and found they hadn't reset it. I had to spend another 10-15 minutes with the service advisor confirming that they had in fact put in the $100 of oil and filter they charged me for. They told me they'd call the next day to do the A/C repair.

Well, come the next day, no call from the dealer. I had to call them three times before they even got around to calling the warranty folks for approval. And they then tell me that the part won't be available for 3-5 days. Too late. And, now I'm out the money for the diagnosis charge too, because that doesn't get refunded until the warranty work is approved, and it's a reimbursement. I wrote the dealership's general manager a nice, polite, and detailed letter explaining the whole thing, and CC'ed the service manager.

So here's where they stepped up. The GM told me outright that she had only been in the GM slot at this dealership 6 months (though 10 years with the company, at other dealerships). She said she's in the process of making some sorely-needed changes in the service department due to poor performance. She refunded me the diagnosis charge and the cost of the oil and filter, and tried to find a way to get the repair done before my trip. She unfortunately couldn't get that arranged, but I don't fault them for that, since my timeframe is so tight.

I was glad to see them step up and try to make the situation right. I'd wait a while before going there again, so they have time to revamp the service department, but at least management is willing to work with the customer to make things right. I think the letter helped, so if anyone runs into things like this, first write out a well-written email to the dealership manager, and copy the service manager (or sales manager etc whichever department you're having problems with). Make sure there are no spelling errors or bad grammar, and that you're not being insulting or combative.
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