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I have the same issue, thought something was wrong with the LED's I ordered until I spoke with several people who have installed LED's of varying manufacturers and they have basically the same problem. LED's are polarity sensitive, will only work with the positive flowing in one direction, hence the name L.E.D. Light Emitting "Diode". A Diode is a electronic check valve. Without having a wiring diagram in front of us it is hard to understand but I suspect it is due to the way the lights get their grounds (negative). It is not a basic floating ground. Cars are much more complex now. As far as the Map Lights are concerned ,this is what we noticed; Bright with door open, Bright when "ALL" lights on selected on the dimmer, Bright when individually selected with doors closed and ignition ON. DIM only when selecting individual Map Light on with doors closed and ignition OFF. Seriously, how often will you be in that situation? Most times when you need that bright light you will have the ignition on. I learned to live with it for those rare moments instead of trying to rearrainge circuitry.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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