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Project: Hellcat Hater

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Do I hate the Hellcat, nah, of course not. But I'm not a fan of the crazy hood and gold rims. Reminds me of the early Subaru Impreza WRX's.

So I'll keep my 2014 SRT8 6-speed and let HHP do their magic. But before the mod list, this is what she was running when I dropped her off:

Mopar Cold Air Intake
Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust
180 Thermostat
245/45 and 275/40 BFG Comp 2's
Short Shifter

Baseline Dyno: 446-454HP across 3 runs

And today, the install began on the following:

Procharger Tuner Kit in Full Black
Black Stage 2 Intercooler
SRT4 Injectors
Arrington Fuel Pump
Custom Tune
20x9 and 20x10 Viper Reps in Competition Grey
Racers Edge Pillars
Autometer Boost Gauge

We should be right up against 600HP with just 6psi based on our baseline. But again , I'm not too concerned with the number, more so the driveability. Fingers crossed!
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Did you do the drop in pistons? if not you will be at some point.........

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Thanks Tout09! I was hoping for some bad karma! Lol

But at just 6 psi with a conservative HHP tune I think I'll be just fine. She drives like a dream and not a single problem thus far.
No bad Karma,LOL just a word of caution as we have seen quite a few go bad, Josh is fully aware of... seems to me the tune really has to be spot on and data logged if going over 8psi..
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