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I've got 1500 miles on my 2014 challenger srt8 6 speed manual.
I haven't pushed it super hard yet. 4.6 0-60 and 13 flat at 110.xx
didn't push it super super hard on that run on the back roads haven't
taken it to the track because all are closed down around here until spring.

I've seen some threads on the 6.1 people getting it down to some seriously
low weights.

What is a reasonable weight to get to.

I'm not looking to gut the whole thing i'd be ok with replacing all the seats
with new ones and spraying raptor in it but i'm keeping my radio etc.

replacing wheels with lighter ones, still want 20's 315+ rear (wide body auto body not kit)
usw forged?

What i'm looking for is a few websites I can research this on I've looked at shophemi
and a few others but no one is up to date and the shophemi site isn't very easy to navigate
besides they don't display a lot of prices for price matching purposes.

I'm starting my auto tech program next quarter (hopefully, i'm waitlisted) because
I run into not being able to find a mechanic shop that is willing to do what I want done
old school car builders are few and far between these days at least the good ones and
those guys charge a lot but it's to be expected it's art and science. And most don't touch
newer cars.

I'm Retired/disabled Army, 29. new to the Challenger world just traded in my 2013 Ram Laramie
1500 crew 4x4 on 35x12.50s leveling kit, 450 bhp 5.7 hemi I did all the work except the
leveling kit.

I'm currently saving about 2500-3500 a month set aside for parts and selling 91 land cruiser for $$$
if anyones interested in a bamf 350ci 5speed lifted curiser w/ford axles 8 lug. the car will retire to the garage
this winter and make an occasional appearance on nice days. I'd like to have it ready before next
spring. at least the interior/exterior aspect of it. still undecided about performance mods but looking
at a 426 stroker with forced induction.

so websites... Carbon fiber hoods/trunks. suspension upgrades lighter & better, seats, replacement Dash?
how heavy is the stock dash? light weight drive lines. Control arms, etc I think you get my point I've looked
and I guess i'm not in the know because all the top hemi sites are NOT up to date at all or don't have any prices.

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The Challenger's weight is around 4200 lbs if I'm not mistaken.
Welcome to the forum btw!

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The spot your in is kinda different. If its a full on race car, Duncan is in Illinois, top pro stock, outlaw, chassis builder. A member has a car there now being worked over.
Near me is Macon Motors, springdale Arkansas, can put the car on a diet and keep it street able with cold AC and tunes. Machine shop in house ect. And I can keep an eye on your project. He is a hole shot from my house. Hehehe
Yes the car comes in at 4400lbs.

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I guess I didn't check it that well but it's also in a form i'm not use to
i'm use to front/rear weight then combined number not gross weight rating.

I guess you have to research what your car weighs or go to a scale now days.


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