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Here are the details of the build:

· PWR forged 393 built for boost (Scat crank, K-1 Rods, Manley Pistons)
· PWR Mean Street Heads
· PWR blower cam
· Vortech V-3 S-Trim Supercharger at 11 pounds of boost
· Tial-Q 50mm BOV
· ATI 17% overdrive damper
· Kooks 1 7/8 Long tube headers w/cats
· Corsa Xtreme catback exhaust
· Fore Dual Pump Return-less Fuel System
· Fore Fuel Rails and upgraded stainless fuel lines/80 lbs. injectors
· Paramount Performance High TorqueTransmission
· Paramount Dominator Torque Converter (3400 stall)
· Paramount Flex plate
· Getrag Differential 3.06 gears
· SLP line lock
· Aeroforce gauges
· Aeroforce sensors for boost, fuel pressure, nitrous pressure, and wideband A/F
· RPM Rollbar chrome moly rollbar
· G-Force 5 point harness
· RPM Rollbar rear firewall
· Rear seat delete
· M & H drag radials and skinnies for the track!

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Damn Andy I missed this one. Bad Azz ride, with killer numbers, even with the little v3. What CR was in this motor. When a Vortech and a good motor puts it out like this not much is said. Wonder why.
Course they do have records, set them, broke them, and reset the records.

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Nice Numbers !!
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