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Hey all first time posting on the forum, hoping I'm doing everything right and following all procedures. I'm relatively new to the world of car ownership so please besr with me!
I have a 2012 Challenger sxt plus. I've just recently done s few bolt on mods and I was gonna take a crack at changing my breaks and rotors. It has the single piston caliper and 20 inch rims it. Im looking for zinc costed calipers for the black finish, but my problem is I can't find sny solid rear ones? All the ones I find have the groove in the middle of the edge but the calipers on mine are solid on the end. Do the replacements need to have solid edges? Or Is it just that the OEM rotors are lesser wuality/ non performance geared? I found kits from s company called Eline and their websites say the fitment is correct but I just want to be safe and sure. Sorry if I ask anything stupid, I'm new to the magical world of mopar lol!

These are the rotors in question Rotors
The Challenger is a daily driver so I wasn't looking for anything crazy performance, more for visual aesthetic on them.

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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) Your year/model came with either depending on options. solid or vented.

Non Performance Rotor-Brake - Mopar (68368070AA) | Steve White Parts

Performance Rotor-Brake - Mopar (68368071AA) | Steve White Parts

The rotors you linked to are R1 Concepts Rotors

You realize the black coating will wear off the braking surfaces? It will last well on the hat and of course help prevent corrosion of the untouched parts, but the faces will not be black for long ;)

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