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I am having some trouble getting a solid answer here and was hoping those with these lights could answer. I will start by what I'm looking to do.
I would like the Oracle Halos (2020 challenger) to come on with the vehicles original driving light functionality. In example, when it's daytime the lights automatically come on when driving and glow the color I select, and they go off when it gets dark (same as the oem halos). This will also allow me to manually switch from "auto" to daylight lights at night so they glow at night. I would also like it to remember my color selection.
From reading the product description on their website it shows they maintain the OEM DRL functionality. I took that as exactly what I'm looking to do but their customer service rep just told me that is not the case and basically when the "automatic" DRL's kick in it will revert the color halos back to the white color option and that you can really only run colors when the vehicle is off, etc. because the auto DRL function will always revert the halos to white when the vehicle is running.

The website seems to indicate otherwise. What am I missing here and how do these really work?
I just want the car to remember my color selection and turn on/off with the oem DRL controls.

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Im assuming you're talking about the internal modification and not the external (stick on) ones. I bought a set of these for my 2018 challenger but after 2 full replacements, phone calls to oracle, and a a lot of time, they never worked.

From my memory these will not function with your car's system unless they've changed something in the past year. I'm assuming you've opened the headlights and removed the OEM DRLs. Those DRLs were plugged into a port that controls their function. Oracles RGB DRLs will bypass that port and go to a receiver of your choice. That receiver will be the on/off for Oracles DRLs. Based on your post it seems like the did change something to make the white work with the car.

There's only a few ways that I know of to get them to work.

1) remote/controller as stated above. Completely ignore your cars input on the white and just turn it on/off with a controller. You'll be able to use any color this way but you manually have to turn it on/off.
2) split off the white wires in each DRL and wire them all into a separate on/off switch that can be placed inside your vehicle cabin. You split them right before the controller so they can be wired in the switch and the controller. That way you have the on/off function for white but if you turn your receiver on you will also have the white color function. If you do this remember the auxiliary switch you put in should be turned off before using the controller to change colors. This is unnecessary since the option above is just as easy to manually do without extra wiring.
3) (assuming this is possible) same as above but wire the white wires into the control port inside the headlight. This would take some research on your end as I do not know the wiring or if this is possible. The car could control the white this way but nothing else. If the car is on you wouldn't be able to use any other color than white unless you put in a switch to stop the voltage from the white.

You'll run into an issue with any other situation than wiring them normally to a controller. The OEM DRLs only have white which is 1 wire + control wires. Oracles DRLs have RGB+W which is not within the function of your challenger.

Oracles Wi-fi receiver will sort of function the way you want it to. You still have to manually turn it on and off but it remembers the last color yoy selected.

There might be some sort of a bypass you can do. I have my orange turn signals set up as my DRL instead of the white, which is a function in your cars settings. If you do that you should be able to turn on any color while driving but:

1) the orange signal light will be on with whatever color you choose. If you chose red your halos would be red and the orange turn signal would be on as well. Note: DRL function is turned off when your e-brake is on. As a bypass you could hit the e-brake 1 click so its "engaged" but not actually touching the wheel. I would NOT recommend doing this, it just a technical option
2)once you turn on the headlights the halos turn on which would switch any color to white

To reiterate, it's just that your car doesn't have the function for it. It knows how/when to put voltage to the halos and that's it. Any voltage variable just won't work without a separate controller.

You may be able to wire the controller to the DRL harness so when it receives the signal to turn on it goes to the controller instead of the DRL. Then the saved color on the controller would go to the DRLs. This is assuming that wire has enough voltage for the entire controller and that the controller has the function to turn on/off by voltage input. I believe the controller I had would not automatically turn on when voltage is applied and only would when I manually turned it on. Might be a bust here.

My apologies this is a long rant cause I'm thinking as I'm typing. If there's any other questions just ask and I'll think about it. I went through hell trying to get mine to work and they never did. Hundreds of dollars down the drain, but I do know how to do it if the halos would work :rolleyes:

If you have yours working even while just parked and white while driving, I would leave them. Leagally you can't drive with certain colors on anyways so it's subject to you taking a risk and how the police are feeling when they see blue halos.
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