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So I bought my 2008 SRT with some fitment issues on the fascia and bumper, I went to the shop and I plan on getting some paint work and etc touched up i was told I should order a new bumper and fascia to confirm it will all snap together perfectly, The bumper for $750 and fascia for around $600. I believe there must be a huge markup considering they go for 600ish online.

Anyway, I read a couple of other threads saying that it's just the fascia that needs replacing, If this is the case can I just ditch the new bumper and get my current one repainted (From scratching the fascia and a couple of chips/cracks on the lower part of the bumper).

Overall I'm looking at around $3,800 to get my new bumper,new fascia, Hood redone,stripes back to black instead of the carbon fiber ones i had put on.

I can drop it $750 if anyone knows that it's just the fascia that needs replacing or what, The clips for the bumper all seem to be intact from the pictures of separation, just looks like they can't clip into what they need too.

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