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Quick question about the Airaid CAI

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For those of you that have installed the Airaid CAI, is it to be expected for the tube to become painfully hot to the touch after about 10 minutes of driving? I've got a 2010 RT with the 5.7 hemi and just installed the Airaid this afternoon. After a few minutes of driving the tube itself becomes too hot to keep a finger on but the element itself is barely warm. Is this normal? I've read many of the debates on here about whether or not the CAI's actually make a performance difference and I'm not looking to bring that discussion back up, just wanting to know if this is normal operating behavior. Thanks in advance.
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I cant speak for the Airaid intake but my K&N that I just installed over the last weekend gets hotter than hell. Like almost hotter than stock but to be honest, I've never touched the stock airbox.
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