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Mr. Baker came to us with high expectations for his 2014 Challenger. He wanted his hot rod to be virtually bullet proof while pushing over 700RWHP. Arrington’s tried and true 426 HEMI would be more than adequate to handle whatever forced induction option he went with to get his horsepower number. Next we needed to decide what kind of supercharger to run with… Not too long before we received Mr. Baker’s vehicle, Whipple sends us their brand new 2.9L HEMI supercharger ready for some serious dyno time with a variety of our HEMI engines. We knew right away that Mr. Baker would be extremely happy with this new supercharger platform from Whipple and the results don’t lie. This black beauty of a Challenger is now pushing over 791RWHP and 763FTLBS of torque.

Final Chassis Dyno Graph:

Under hood photo:

Video of Final Chassis Dyno Run:

More info on the build here:
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