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R/T Brake Rotors, Cross Drilled and Slotted

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Power Stop Z26 Street Warrior Performance FRONT Brake Rotors only (no pads). Summit Racing part number for the kit is K2560-26.

I ordered the wrong rotors and they won't fit my car. I drove them for about 10 miles to "bed" the rotors before realizing the hub was scrubbing the caliper so i immediately removed them. The only "damage" is minor cosmetic. You can see from the pics that the brake pad didn't contact the entire rotor braking surface so it left a clean mark. This will go away once installed on the correct car. The rotor rubbed a shiny spot on the hub which can be seen in the last picture where they are on edge. You can't see this once its installed. There is literally NOTHING wrong with them but Summit won't take them back because they were installed. I'm out $130 so that's all I want for them. Not trying to make money. Just want to break even.

$130 plus shipping cost. I'm in Montgomery, Alabama.

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