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Has anyone got any experience doing this? Looking around all over the web and its limited information.

So far I have the SRT belly pan (68184165AG), SRT enforcement (68319251AA),SRT Demon Widebody Air Dam/Splitter (68315879AB). My next purchase is a bumper, but I want to make sure I have everything I'll need beforehand. My understanding is my R/T hood won't align 100%, which is fine as I'll be exchanging that also.

I've also read I'll need to exchange my headlamp housing for the grill. Eyeballing it seems true.

Little more info:
Doing this on a 2015 Challenger R/T+
Already have 80% of the widebody on the car, just need to get the front bits that are on the bumper on. Which don't fit with the original R/T Air Dam/Splitter.
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