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2014 R/T Classic 6-speed
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I have an R2C brand CAI on my car that was installed before I purchased the car. Here are photos on and off the car:


I had it off to do some under-hood detailing.

There's really nothing wrong with it; just normal use. Probably could use a new filter, but it's serviceable as-is. It will come with everything needed to install on your car.

I'm interested in trading straight up for a complete factory 2014 air cleaner set-up; tube, upper and lower box, and hose. Bonus if a decent filter is included. Not sure what all years are a straight-across fit.

2014 should have the extra "air silencer" doodad on the air tube, but I'd rather have one that doesn't have that. Not a deal-breaker either way.

I'm in the DFW metro area, and would like to do a straight across swap. As in, drive to a location, open both hoods, and swap across. Should take about 10 minutes.

If you are not in the metro area, have one on the shelf, and want to pay for the shipping, I'm fine with that, but I'll need yours first so I can remove the CAI and ship it back to you.

Contact me with any questions.


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