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2015 SRT 392
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If you think that the 2300 Maggie isn't aggressive enough, then you could look into the 2650 Maggie.

I don't know if they make it to fit the non Hellcat motors though (other than I believe that Luke's Race Car has one on her but that might be a one off).

Luke, would you Please elaborate more on that, if you don't mind?

The nice thing about changing the cam is that it allows you to make more power on less boost (depending on the cam that you choose). The engine is a big air pump and the more efficient that you can make it, the better that you'll be. Boost is also just a measurement of restriction and when you make the motor breathe better, you make less restriction. This is why you can make more power on less boost.

In actuality, I don't think that it's the boost that kills our motor's, I think that it's the heat that the boost makes and the fact that the piston rings aren't gapped for boost (gap is too small) because if you took the motor apart and opened up the end gaps a bit that you'd be surprised at how well the motor would hold up.

Just kind of thinking out loud here.
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