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Rainy Season Shaker Drains

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Here is my try at the water drainage on my shaker.
For the two holes in the shaker base plate , I used Gates #27050 vacuum tubing which has a OD of 1/2". You can push the up level on the base plate and route each side ti where you want to drain..
For the oval hole in the shaker, I found a female wire connector that after you remove the metal insert it will fit into the oval hole. You can use some windshield washer tubing to splice it into either side of the of the base drains.
I case the oval leaks I also made and mounted a plate to the stud on the water pump under the oval drain. this will help with water hitting the belt.
Don't know how well this will work but it has to be better than nothing and everything can be removed back to stock in about ten minutes.

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I wouldn't worry about the water. I've had my Shaker almost 5 years, 72k miles and I wash it at least twice a week and drive it in all type of weather with ZERO issues with the belt or anything else.
That's what I like to hear!... Thank You.
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