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Ralphie-cakes doing a killer Hellcat burnout at Carlisle

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Wish I worked for dodge. New tires daily!

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A bit sweet are we
When the head of design/performance shows up from a multi-million dollar corporation at a car show to do a burn out the companies' new 700hp car muscle car (which at one level is just silly) it is a mighty fine time to be a car fan. Thanks Chrysler, Ralph G., Brampton Builder, resume speed and everybody else.

I guess you never listen to Stern.
If I ever purchased this car, the very first thing I would do to it would be to extract that Tremec tranny and mail it back to Tremec with a big bow and a card that read you can keep it.

Then I would replace it with a REAL tranny.
I agree Ralphie-cakes is a bit over the top.(I'm a huge Stern fan also) But at least Ralph shows that he is a true car guy doing that burnout!!
Ralph's burnout was the highlight of the weekend!
He covered the 2015 Charger in rubber.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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