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My story (skip to the end for the fix): proud only owner of a 2009 challenger RT with about 50k miles. Last year decided to start a custom build(wide body duraflex circuit kit, airlift , Wilson’s brake kit etc but more importantly going supercharger)
**first advice : find a reputable shop that knows our cars - I mean it even if you have to drive long distance: that’ll save you countless hours and headache trying to fix other mechanics messes.
So got around to getting the Procharger installed and car started running like crap: started getting the dreaded p0300 code and having hard start under warm engine as well as -19% ltft. First I thought it was the tune so called Procharger and got a few version of their canned tune but no changes. Then got to changing the spark plugs which due to the Procharger had to run colder plugs but still no changes.

I started doing some research and educating myself on potential causes and fixes and more importantly stopped myself from throwing new parts at everything : checked the Fuel pressure, did compression tests, checked coils and thinking maybe the injectors were leaking but everything checked out.

I started looking into data logging and man there’s so much information you can gather from reading and understanding the data behind our engine : I read on this forum about how Procharger canned tune are not made specifically for you but more so in a general capacity for everyone so I started looking into finding a reputable shop that could fine tune the car.

fix: thanks to this forum I found a tuner(yes emailed tune but couldn’t find any shops I trusted around me) called Hemi fever and after some data logging he was able to get my fuel trim where they need to be and no more random misfires. Car is back to running like it always has

long story short- get a really good tune specific to your car if you’re experiencing any of these issues

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