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Random Shop Pics - Picture comments welcome!

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EVERYDAY something new shows up here at Arrington and MANY random pictures are taken....
I think the best thing to do is start a RANDOM picture thread of the things we see daily at Arrington!
Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook for daily picture updates if you aren't already. :indifferent:
- Stacy, aka MissMopar.


Behind the scenes!

Chally Love @ Arrington!

"What a Pile!"

Rod Bearings are placed.

Topless Chally!

More to come!

In the Making....

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Looks like a very dangerous working condition! So many kool Challengers must be very tempting! ha!

Nice shots!

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Just dropped my car off there Friday. It is something to see. Never saw a performance shop so clean & everything is done in house. Everyone I meet was super nice. Looking forward to getting my car back with the new 392 stroker motor that they will be putting together for me.

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Best photo thread I've come across in a while.... love seeing these things worked on, lifted up, torn apart, and tricked out.. Keep em coming with more updates! Thanks!!
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