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I have <3000 miles on my car, and do plan on taking it into the shop.. but I figured I'd see if anyone else has had this problem, because I expect them to say "we couldn't reproduce the sound", and send me on my way. I can usually only hear the sound while driving, though once or twice I heard it while idling.

- Squeak coming from somewhere in the direction of behind the glovebox.. could be anywhere on the front-passenger side.
- The squeaking is rapid, about 3 squeaks per second, and does NOT change pace as I accelerate and decelerate. I thought it had something to do with the engine rocking back and forth because I've heard the sound a few times while idling, but I guess that wouldn't be it.
- Seems to happen most often when the the temperature outside is cold, and before the car has warmed up.
- Most noticeable at low speeds (<40), but I've heard it on the highway too.
- It intensifies as I turn LEFT and the weight shifts to the passenger side.
- I haven't been able to hear it from outside the car because it rarely happens while idling.

Has anyone experienced such a sound? I did some searching here and found a couple similar threads, but none got any replies.
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