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This weekend I installed my custom Raptor Shift light. This ended up being a pain in the A$$ because of how I decided to do it but it is Clean. After the fact I found this post and I think if I would have known how I wanted to install it I would have ordered something closer to THIS.

The Shift light was made with purple UV LED lights to go with the PCP car (Thank you Raptor Performance). Once I got the light in I tried holding it in a few different places but couldn't find anything I really liked. My wife came up with putting it in the sunglasses holder and installing a mirror to direct the light at my eyes. That was where I was going to go until I got this idea. I ended up taking the light apart and cutting the holes for the readout directly into the sunglasses holder. I then marked the front part of the overhead console to drill 6 holes for a snug fit of the LED cluster. The LED Cluster is too far to the left as when I am driving 2 LEDs are about half covered. Also it is a little hard to see during the day but these are all things I was willing to sacrifice for the clean install. If I had it to do again I would have ordered the Controller in its own cylinder and placed it on the kick panel or even in the sun glass holder and then the LED lights separate but with wires and a snap connection.


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