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Rattle in rear passenger side speaker area

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For the past few weeks I've had a rattle that sounds like its coming from the area right above the back seat on the passenger side. The sound comes and goes when music is played at a certain volume (e.g. 21) or when I'm shifting from 2nd to 3rd and the exhaust hits a certain tone. At first I thought it was the trunk or rear spoiler rattling, but after tightening both I don't think that's the problem. Got under the car and the exhaust pipes do not appear to be hitting anything, and have re-torqued the rear brace in the trunk.

Today when I was making a tight turn I heard something rolling around in the area where the speakers are located. Is it possible that something in that area could have broken off and I have a speaker or something making the rattle sound? Anyone ran into this problem?
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I can't help you with the rolling around in the trunk sound (yet - my 3000 mile car has developed quite a few already though), but for what it's worth, I had a similar problem with the music / rattle coming from my passenger rear deck location as well.

It had me almost convinced that I'd damaged a speaker and it was reverberation caused by such. Then the other day I had a new noise when the sunroof was open and the windows were up, like a fluttering in the same area once I went above a certain speed that was clearly caused by wind. I climbed in the back seat to see what it could be and played around with the covers for the child seat anchor points after observing they were loosely mounted so they swung out of the way when needed, and upon my next drive the wind noise went away.

With the wind noise culprit found it left me wondering if that was my "speaker issue" as well, so I spent about an hour last night trying to duplicate the noise that I suspected was a speaker for far too long now and couldn't do it so I'm wondering if that seat latch cover wasn't the issue. Regardless, those latch covers are pretty poor in their design and a guaranteed source of music distortion some day if you ask me. While I'm not impressed with the Harmon Kardon stereo that came with the car, it moves some air and those covers are basically held in place by gravity for 95% of the surface area.
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