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I am new to this tuning thing and am reaching out for some advice. I have a 2010 SRT8 auto and have done the following mods.

1. Corsa catback exhaust
2. C&L intake
3. Jet 180 thermostat
4. B.T catch can
5. Diablo Predator.

I installed the Predator and loaded the 91 CAI tune. I also changed the fan settings for to 199 for HS/MS and 193 for LS. I live in California so gas option is only 91 for me, too much hassle/price for 100 octane mixing.

A. Is there anything else I am missing?
B. Would a custom tune benefit me with just those basic mods?

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You pretty much covered it.
A custom tune will squeeze out some more HP if that's what your looking for.
Keep an eye on the temp gauge, you should be running right at about 190 during normal driving conditions. You might also want to save your stock tune file the Predator sucked up, just to back it up for safe keeping.
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