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...not sure I am getting a good deal. Maybe you guys can help. Details below:

2017 R/T Scat Pack 392 Challenger
-Auto, Dynamics Package, Leather Int. Group, Sound Group II, Driver Convenience Group and NAV

MSRP - $46,465
Residual % - 57
MF - 0.00193 (4.6%)
$0 down, just first month, security dep., tags, misc. fees ($1500)

$495/month (inc. taxes) for 48 months/10K/yr. They will do 36 months, but obviously changes the price. The 10K year is plenty for me, and I have no problem with 48 months, unless you folks think different.. Through FCA.

What do you think ? Bad - Fair - Good. Seems a little high to me, but it is pretty loaded and the right color.

I see much better deals (and some worse) when I searched the forum. Seems to be where you are, and the the dealer to me.
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