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I decided to install a MyGig Unlock module. I read a lot of posts on this forum and others about everyone's experience with coastaltech and tvandnav2go. I ended up going with tvandnav2go for a couple reasons. The first reason is because the price was better. I know coastaltech offers a lockpick v.3 versus tvandnav2go's v.2 lockpick but I honsetly didn't see a benefit from getting version 3 (which is updatable) since the lockpick seems to be mostly hardware and hardly any (if any) software. The second reason I went with tvandnav2go is because of their customer service.

This quick writeup will detail the camera install only and not the lockpick itself. I followed the writeup by moondognyc as a basis for my install. I ran the positive and negative wires and video wires along the path of wires coming from the trunk fuse box and along the passenger side of the car. I removed the back seat and door sill and kick plate. Also I removed the glove box and ran the wires right behind the glovebox.

The following pictures show the bracket I made which uses the same mounting screws as the rear license plate light. I used the license plate light as the template for this bracket.

Next is a picture of the wires I ran through the trunk vent behind the carpet at the rear of the trunk.

Here is the camera mounted to my bracket,

Finally, I secured the bracket and camera to the license plate light mounting screws,
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