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Rear Noise

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this issue or has any thoughts on what it could be...

Sometimes when I apply the brakes to a stop, I'll hear a "clunk" coming from the rear-end of the car. Also, when I slow down (not necessarily applying the brakes), the car will sometimes feel like it pulls/jerks back a bit when the tranny downshifts. I'm assuming they're related but... ?

Has anyone else experience this? The car is a new 2018 6.4L Scat Pack with less than 5,000 miles on it.

Thank you!
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get the cars rear end off the ground and on jack stands by a few inches, then using a prybar or 2x4, pry on the tires against the ground or other stable points and see if you can spot any abnormal flexing or movement of the rear end. Jostle, jiggle and work your way the various parts, to be sure nothing is loose that shouldnt be...this is a quick dirty way to see if you have something not buttoned up or something internally going on. Could be a bad shock, loose suspension bolts, driveline, rear diff going out....
I once had a car that wouldnt stay aligned..after months of chasing it, turned out the entire front craddle was floating around (loose bolts)...ya just never know.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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